Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatments, Get On Board

pre-shampoo-hair-treatments Have you ever thought about nourishing your your hair before you shampoo?  Yes, it sounds nuts, since you’re just going to wash it out, but pre-shampoo hair treatments are popping up everywhere and the benefits are worth the extra effort.  Incorporate them into your beauty routine once a week or as needed and trust me, you’ll love the results.  Here are three pre-shampoo treatments on my radar.

Fresh Makes Bar Soap Cool Again

-4 Fresh is launching a new line of soaps and we’re betting you’re going to want one. Why? Because they collaborated with famed astrologer, Susan Miller, to ensure each scented soap fits your astrological sign; 12 soaps for 12 signs. We told you you’d want one!  Curious to see what your sign looks like?  Read on.

Hot Ingredient for Sensitive Skin: Goat Milk

kate-somerville-goat-milk Have sensitive skin?  Or maybe your skin’s been acting up?  Last week while in LA, I visited the Kate Somerville Clinic for a facial and fell in love with goat milk.  Found in many soaps and moisturizers, the ingredient is great for soothing and calming your skin.  Here’s the scoop.

3 Lipstick Shades Every Woman Should Own
Courtesy of Tormented Sugar, Beauty Illustrator

Courtesy of Tormented Sugar, Beauty Illustrator

While you may have a ton of options for dressing your lips, there are only three lipsticks every woman should own.  Consider these three the main staples in your lipstick wardrobe and the rest, well, why not right?  Makeup Artist, Michael Shepherd of GlamSquad, gave me the rundown.