Look for Me on Taxi TV

If you’ve taken a taxi cab in NYC lately, you might have caught one of my Taxi TV commercials for Glamour mag.  That’s right, there are three running throughout the holiday season!  Each one showcases great holiday gift options from Ulta Beauty.  Let me know if you happen to catch one.

Behind the Look: Joanna Pensinger Ford

Joanna Pensinger Ford Welcome to “Behind the Look” – a new feature that showcases the talent behind the looks we love – the real celebrities in my eyes.

With clients like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Bacon and Ewan Mcgregor to name a few, Men’s Groomer Joanna Pensinger Ford, has had her hands on some of the hottest men in Hollywood (Leonardo.  Enough Said.).  Here, she talks about her most exciting project, must-have products and grooming tips, which we can pay attention to, too!

Coffee Scrubs, Because Cellulite

coffee-scrub Whether you’re into buying or DIYing, coffee scrubs are always a good idea.  Not only do they help exfoliate dry skin, but they also temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite. That’s right, cellulite.  So if you’re toughing out the cold this winter, or are heading out of town and will be putting on a bikini, you need this in your life.  Here are one of my favorite coffee scrubs (worth the money) and of course, a DIY option.

Holiday Gifts Beauty Editors Would Die For

gift-guide-beauty-editors What do you get a girl that has everything?  Well, my beauty writer friends who spilled the holiday gifts they’d be gifting this season also shared the holiday gifts they’d die for.  Without further ado, here’s our wish list.  Hopefully this helps you, too!