Interview: Michael B. Jordan

Michael+B+Jordan+AXE+Gold+Temptation+Product+Gw8_zKrDfSrlYou guys may know him from Friday Night Lights or The Wire, but I became familiar with Michael B. Jordan, because of his explosive Twitter account.  As AXE’s latest muse, I had the chance to chat with the actor about his partnership,  his biggest temptations and of course, what type of scents he likes on women.  Check out what he has to say.

Kendall Jenner’s Chic $4 Tattoos

Kendall Jenner TattoosModel of the moment, Kendall Jenner, or I believe she goes by just Kendall now, was spotted on several runways during NYFW, but unfortunately for me, I didn’t have a backstage run in with her.  I guess you can say I just couldn’t keep up.  Since Tommy Hilfiger‘s show was music festival themed, lead makeup artist Pat McGrath was responsible for creating a vintage feel to the tattoo stencil and I have all of the info. Yes, she made $4 tattoo stencil from Walmart look chic enough for a runway show.

5 things worth checking out this week

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How to Look Sexy in Seconds

sexy-in-secondsI enlisted my best friends to show you how to look sexy in seconds on BetterTV. Now, I’m not makeup artist or hair stylist, but I demoed a hair and makeup trick on each of them. If you look closely, you’ll notice I leave my friend Michele with a nice black eye at the end. (#oops )But you get the jist! Watch the segment after the jump.