SLT, The Best 50 Minutes of Exercise, Ever

SLT “This is hard as sh*t,” my best friend Adrienne grunted to me as we attempted to pull our knees to our chest in the most twisted plank position while on a reformer. Moving it in and out with our hands up on handle bars, the resistance wasn’t all that I loved to hate. Her seventh class, my first.  She did it.  But I on the other hand, realized that while I may appear toned, I’m beyond weak.  Having never been on a reformer machine before, leave it to my BFF to encourage me not only to try it, but to test it out during an SLT class.

How to Create A Blake Lively-esque Bubble Ponytail

bubble-ponytail.jpgNever mind diamonds. Ponytails are really a girl’s best friend. Long, short, messy, clean, high, low – the list goes on – but how about creating a bubble effect in your pony? The “it” bubble ponytail was be seen on Blake Lively at the Met Gala as well as on the runway during this year’s Valentino show.  With a little help from Redken Celebrity Hairstylist, Jenny Balding, we got the scoop on how to get the look.  From runway to red carpet and now, to real way… because who doesn’t want to look like Blake Lively?

Style Solutions for Rebellious Hair

style-solutionsDoesn’t it always seem like no matter what you want your hair to do it does the opposite?  Happy Monday.  The latest crop of stylers that landed on my desk are far from ordinary. These style solutions are for rebellious hair.  I mean it.  Check out the latest… you can thank me later.

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