Why Guys Hate Red Lipstick, Plus Three of My Faves

“I’m really not liking this red lipstick trend,” says Joe, my boyfriend after I applied my new Nars lipstick that I was ridiculously excited about wearing.  Well turns out Joe is not alone as most guys hate the red lip look.  The real question is how much do we care?

“It just makes your lips stand out and your face look really pale,” he comments.  “It’s annoying.”  After asking him a million and one questions I came to the conclusion that he believes “the look” or maybe it’s any real makeup look makes it seem like we’re trying.  The effort is a turn off.  Which is why the “no-makeup-makeup look” is so successful.  Of course, I wore the lipstick proudly anyway (who wouldn’t) and got a ton of compliments from my girlfriends.  After all, we dress for the girls… right?

I feel like I’ve forever been searching for the perfect red lipstick and thanks to NARS Makeup Artist, Jenny Smith, I found it.  Well, she kind of put me in my place about it by telling me that I’m taking the whole red lipstick thing way too seriously and just have to have a little fun with it.  There is no perfect red lipstick.

Now, since I let my hair down about it (and don’t listen to Joe when it comes to my makeup), there are three reds I rotate between: NARS Lipstick in Fire Down Below , Cle de Peau Lipstick (which I’ve written about before) in #213 and Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection Lipstick in Cherry.  They’re all different shades and textures and great for different times of day and events.  Every time I reach for one, Joe cringes.  Have a hot date?  Skip the red lipstick.

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  4. SimoneM says:

    Huh? My husband LOVES red lipstick. I just double checked with him and he says “it’s extraordinarily sexy”. Before marriage, the men I dated also loved it.
    I think your BF is in the minority.

  5. Michele says:

    My bf told me there is no need for make up especially red lipstick and totally agrees with Joe….of course! haha

  6. Mary KT says:

    I remember being very excited about my first red lipstick (it’s in Revlon’s collection by Kate Moss). I even wore it at home. One of my flatmates took one look at it and said “What is that on your lips?” I go “Red lipstick,duh. What do you think?” and he made this truly disgusted face and said “Horrible.That does not look good on you.”
    I’ve also read some comments by men on it and it seems that your date Joe and my flatmate are in the majority. No offense to them, but redlipstick makes a statement, and some men can’t handle it.

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