What I’m Loving Right Now: Immunocologie

As of late I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my complexion.  I’ll take it!  But I have to give credit where credit’s due.  I’ve been testing out a new skincare line that I was introduced to in the beginning of November called Immunocologie.

As soon as I sat down to meet with the doctor behind the brand he told me my skin looked dry and dull.  “Oh thanks, great to meet you too I thought.”  Not that I didn’t know this, but I hadn’t yet switched my moisturizer from a lighter one to a heavy one for wintertime because the weather was still freakishly warm.  At the end of the day, he was right, my skin didn’t look dewy and fresh and something needed to change.

Since that meeting I’ve been using the Immunocologie Treatment Serum, Eye Cream and Treatment Creme.  I think I really owe this new found brightness and moist complexion to the Treatment Creme, $225.  I swear it’s like rubbing an emollient on my face.  When I first looked at it I thought of Vaseline and that there was no way  I was going to wear that on my face morning and night.  But sucked it up and gave it a try.  Since it’s so thick I have to warm it up by rubbing it in between my palms before applying it onto my face so it smears easily.  Now, I love it.  I feel like it’s changing my skin for the better and heavy enough to protect it during the harsh winter months without feeling too greasy.

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  1. Inge says:

    I bought the product from Dr Ava Shamban in Santa Monica, Ca. I am the worlds biggest sceptic but within a week my skin felt different. My pores usually fill up, I am constantly squeezing but lately it seems like there is not much to clean out. I use the Venomax moisturizer, toner and masque. They don’t sell the cleanser so I am buying it from the Immunocologie website. I would definitely recommend the product!

  2. Shirin Amirzadeh says:

    It’s about a month I have used Immunocologie product. After a month, everybody can notice big change on my face. Thank God and the producer! My skin is looking younger, brighter and more beautiful.

  3. alice says:

    I bought it in NY. Very pricey, but… I think the serum is very good, and the creme. I do NOT have large pores, so that is not my problem. And one person recently said my skin was radiant, and I had NO make up on as I came from Pilates! But, the sales person told me that the key is having clean skin. I only bought 3 of the products and the exfoliant doesn’t seem to make a diff. for me, but she said to follow cleansing with TONER, and I use a different toner than theirs, then their serum or any one of the 4 or 5 I own, followed by an emollient (not too) moisturizer and sunscreen . My skin looks pretty good and is moister than before. I love the TONERs. Right now I use the one I buy from my local make up store, Senna, in L.A. I must admit, I am told, my skin is very good, but I always took care of it andI always rotate products,and sometimes I think I’m overspending…young women: stay out of the sun!!! Don’t smoke! Keep your face clean and moisturized.

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  5. HK0816 says:

    their product is definitely worth a try, i have been using the treatment solution and mask for a few days. My acne problems are obviously improved. the skin is less inflamed. the toner has some strong scent but it’s ok for me, as long as this is a good product

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