Jennifer Hudson’s Springy Oscars Makeup

Jennifer-Hudson-Oscars-Makeup Jennifer Hudson‘s makeup was almost as impactful as her tribute performance last night.  One word to describe her look: Flawless.  I spoke with her makeup artist, Shannon Pezzetta, to find out the exact products she used to create that gorgeous smokey eye and customized lip shade, because you know you want them.

Anna Kendrick’s Smokey Eye Secret

Anna-Kendrick-Oscars-Beauty Anna Kendrick was one of the first to arrive on the Oscar red carpet and I thought she looked stunning.  “I wanted to create a look that had a presence, but wasn’t overpowering and wouldn’t compete with the dress,” her makeup artist, Vanessa Scali remarked.  Her intense eye makeup was the focal point and the secret?  It took two liners to complete.  Here’s exactly how to get her eye makeup.

The Exact Lipstick Used on Margot Robbie

Margot-Robbie-oscars Those lips!  Oscars presenter, Margot Robbie stunned in a black Saint Laurent dress paired with fiery orange-red lips. “We were inspired by old Hollywood glamour and wanted to make a statement,” says makeup artist Tyron Machhausen, who spills the exact color she’s wearing.  Because, you know you want it.

Dakota Johnson’s Oscar Worthy Pony Details

dakota-johnson-oscars-beauty Dakota Johnson‘s pony was everything on the Oscar red carpet.  Why can’t ours look like that every day?  Inspired by her bangs, Mark Townsend, created a fresh, youthful ponytail.  Here’s the scoop on how to get her look.