Wedding Day Nails

Two months until my wedding!  While I’ve booked my glam squad and already went for my hair and makeup trial, I’m not sold on what I’m doing on my nails yet. Wedding day nails are important, especially since there are a lot of picture of the bands.  I was thinking maybe my pedi will be my something blue.  We’ll see.  This week in NYC is bridal fashion week and when I stumbled upon the photos from backstage at Monique Lhuillier I started brainstorming.

5 things worth checking out this week

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DermaCeutic Peel, The Real Reason I’ve Been Glowing

Nine weeks until our wedding and I’m glowing in love. Last Saturday was my surprise bridal shower, and the Wednesday before I visited my derm’s office to get a DermaCeutic Peel. Sure enough, three days into my peel, my skin was flaking off of my face much like a shedding lizard.  ”Look at you, you’re glowing,” my aunt said. Yes, my fresh skin was glowing indeed. Maybe it was love?  Maybe it was my peel? Just like my derm promised, I have glow for a bride-to-be.  My skin was never whipped into shape so quickly before and I’ve tried it all.

New Selfie App Sheds Pounds, An Irate Essay

All right people, I’m going to level with you here. As Jeannine’s beauty-obsessed intern it is definitely no secret that I like to play with makeup and take lots of photos of myself while doing it (whatever, at least I’m honest about how I waste my time). I was swiping through the app store the other day to get my hands on yet another photo-editor in hopes of finding the perfect filter when I found an app that made me pause longer then I ever had before to think about what I was doing.  It was a new selfie app that literally makes you look thinner.