Kelly Ripa’s Extensions Create A Frenzy & I Have the Exclusive Scoop

Yesterday on Live with Kelly & Michael Kelly took the daring move and removed her extensions on air!  She named her wig “Wigston,” and as soon as this happened a ton of people began commenting on my previous post “The Scoop on Kelly Ripa’s Extensions” asking where to buy Wigston.  All of the info is in there!  She used to have Great Lengths and switched to TryBeauty Falls.  Thanks Kelly for sending more readers to BeautySweetSpot!  AOL even called out my post as it appears I had the exclusive scoop.  Check it out:

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  1. Ona says:

    After yesterday’s show I googled in wigston and couldnt find it. The concept of a fall or wig on a handband is the answer to my prayers. Recently I had gone to a wig store and realized I am allergic to the netting that is used on the scalp under the wig. My hair is more than baby fine thin without volume. The funny thing is I’m on a weight reducing program and the only thing I’m losing is my hair. Please, I am in desperate need of learning more about this product you shared with us.

    You are truly genuine.

    Ona from East Meadow NY

  2. Kristina says:

    Where can you purchase the wigston Kelly Ripa had on the other day. I searched the internet by couldn’t find it.

  3. cayn says:

    I own a wig salon in S. Florida and would ;ove to carry this product. We have been doing this same thing for clients for years, but maybe this one is better. We are located in Pompano Beach in the Festival Mall

  4. Jeannine Morris says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for inquiring about Kelly Ripa’s extensions. Like I said above, she is currently wearing TryBeautyFalls, which are made special by her hair stylist in NYC. I’m interviewing him to find out what the best options are for you to get her look. Stay tuned!

  5. Jeannine Morris says:

    As promised ladies, I interviewed Kelly’s stylist again for the scoop on her wig and how you can get the look for less:

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