The Scoop on Kelly Ripa’s Extensions & How to Get the Look without Commitment: Enter TryBeauty Falls

Every morning as I sit at my desk I have a very strict morning show routine to accompany my cup of coffee.  First up, Kelly Ripa is in my living room.  Religiously.  She doesn’t know it yet, but we’re BFF’s.  If you watch too, you’ll know that she’s been experimenting with hair extensions this year and is now addicted.  Being that I’m a huge fan of hers and love the natural boost her extensions added I had to find out the scoop!  I spoke with her extension guru, Ryan Trygstad from the Marie Robinson Salon in NYC and he spilled!

“The first time Kelly and I met was the first time she got extensions and ever since I have been doing her a lot for different events the last few months,” Trygstad commented.  “I consider her a friend, a really funny friend.”

Kelly wanted both fullness and some length.  Trygstad used Great Lengths, because the keratin bond is safe and the color and texture selection is vast.  I had Great Lengths before and was completely obsessed with them!

“Being on a daily talk show her hair is heat styled everyday and it was in so need of some help to bring some life back to it!”

For the everyday girl, Trygstad suggests using clip-ins to get Kelly’s look, but make sure they’re real hair so you can style them just like your own hair.  For those who would like to make a little bit of an investment he recommends trying his customized extensions, TryBeauty Falls.  They fit on top of your head with a fishing-line like halo that allows it to just sit securely without glue or clips.  I’m thinking about going for a consultation since I’m obsessed with my clip-ins and am always looking for the next best thing.


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  1. Judy says:

    Hi Jeannie! If you love hair extensions, try another Kelly Ripa look – Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions. They are the #1 brand among celebs – and we’d love to have you try it. Feel free to contact me directly. Thanks!

  2. Joan Anderson says:

    I am looking for some extensions to addd a little length and some fullness. I like Kelly’slook but my hair is fine and straight. I have some extensions that I wear, my natural hair is light to medium blonde and is fine and straight. can you help me find something. the ones I wear are getting a little ragged. also interested in the eyelash extensions….p.s i have tried the glue in type and hated it…it also was bad for my hair…I am only interested in the clip ins.

  3. Great lookin chick. Keep going with the look. Great show on TV. Luv NYC.

  4. Happy Birthday, Kelly Ripa. Today’s the day.

  5. Cathy Gilliam says:

    Hoe to order hair extensions

  6. charles says:

    Tired o my daughters buying hair. Where can they get the hair like Kelly Ripa . ?
    How can they get it , where to buy it

  7. Patti Maynard says:

    where can I buy the hair extension that they showed on the morning show with Kelly Ripa or where can I go to order. thanks


    On yesterday’s show (dec 20th) Kelly showed her hair extension, she called “Wigston.” Where can I get this look? It looks so easy, a must have! Please let me kknow.

    Hugs, kathleen

  9. Estee says:


  10. Dolores Girard says:

    Where can I purchase the extensions tha Kelly Rippa showed? “Wigston”?

  11. Estee says:


  12. Judy Ulmer says:

    I would like to know how to buy a Try Beauty Fall. I live in Verona, New Jersey.

    Thank you.

  13. Jeannine Morris says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Kelly has Try Beauty Falls, which I mentioned above. Her stylist, Ryan Trygstad customizes them to people’s head and hair types. He can be found at the Marie Robinson Salon in NYC. Hope this helps!


  14. chris says:

    i would like information on where to purchase the wigston

  15. Brenda Gross says:

    Should have guessed it was a custom thing for stars. I need it for a medical hair loss condition. Won’t be able to afford to go to NY let alone afford a custom hair piece. I just want MY hair back. I don’t even know what I would do with mine AND an extra hair piece. Kelly- You Lucky, Lucky girl!!

  16. Heidi says:

    I live in colorado is there any local supplier of the Try Beauty Falls?

  17. I was trying to find the website to buy one of the falls Kelly took off on the air, I think it is put together with fishing line.

  18. Jeanne says:

    Looking to get the hair piece Kelly removed on tv last week

  19. Kathy H says:

    Where van I get halo hair piece like Kelly Ripas in Salisbury Maryland that is inexpensive

  20. Sherri R says:

    One of my clients who has a considerable amount of hair on top but was thin on the bottom purchased one of the halo’s in NY. She likes it but finds it a little hard to hide the “cabling”. I do think overall it can work for people with hair who are looking for volume and length on the bottom. The problem is for women who are thinner or finer on top can’t hide the cabling and the piece is not secure. We have the perfect solution for those who don’t have enough hair on top. You can find us on the web at

  21. Jeanne says:

    How can I purchase a Wigston featured on Live with Kelly and Michael?

  22. Heather says:

    “Wigston” That Kelly revealed on air a couple of weeks ago….Where can I buy them please!!!!!!! Thank you;)

  23. delores webre says:

    Where can i buy these hair extensions

  24. Jeannine Morris says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for inquiring about Kelly Ripa’s extensions. Like I said above, she is currently wearing TryBeautyFalls, which are made special by her hair stylist in NYC. I’m interviewing him to find out what the best options are for you to get her look. Stay tuned!

  25. Katherine says:

    Hi Jeanine, I’m also going crazy to get this
    one piece hair extension. I live in Toronto and going to New York is not an option.When will you be interviewing Kelly’s Hairdresser.
    Maybe Ryan her Hairdresser should start marketing the Wigston.I think he would be very successful.

    • Jeannine Morris says:

      Hi everyone! I’ll have a post up with an update from Kelly’s hairstylist next week! Stay tuned.

  26. maryanne patsis says:

    please let me know where i could buy the hair extension headband pleaseeeee.

  27. Sharon says:

    please let me know where i could buy the hair extension headband pleaseeeee.

  28. Brenda Gross You can buy the extension type Kelly wears at Sally’s for a whole lot less and real hair. I have hair issues as well. I also found a wig and extension store here in Sarasota and probably in all cities. There you can get a single piece that clips in right on top of your hair. Looks so natural you will even forget you have it on.

  29. janet king says:

    where can i buy the wigston hair piece?

  30. Jeannine Morris says:

    As promised ladies, I interviewed Kelly’s stylist again for more of a scoop on Kelly’s wig and how you can get the look for less.

  31. Katherine says:

    WHERE can you get that piece of metal for the extensions???????
    I have looked forever.

  32. We specialize only in the exact hair extensions that Kelly Ripa demonstrated on her show the name of our company is “Natural Hair Extensions” We offer the highest quality hair in the world. They are so comfortable and natural looking without ever having to worry about any damage.
    Thank you.

  33. Rwida Basha says:

    I would love to have kelly ripa hair extension
    please let me know how can i get it

  34. Linda says:

    This is the halo hair, human hair. Instructions are all over youtube. But it’s super easy.

  35. Barbara says:

    You can order Kelly Ripa kind of hair extension which is the Halo designed hair extensnion at or call 952.451.2889

  36. Susan Myers says:

    Kelley wear many wigs also, you can tell by the hair line and how it is parted. She has wonderful hair, why put a wig on it every day?

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