Jared Leto’s Hair Secrets

Jared Leto‘s Oscar hair was dirty.  As I was live tweeting the Oscars tonight (and swooning over him), it wasn’t to my surprise that a twitter account for @JaredLetosOmbre popped up.  Threatening to pull his hair up into a bun all night, I just got the scoop from his stylist, Chase Kusero, that a wet, side parted man bun was actually his original plan for the night.

How to Properly Wash Your Face

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No one said your skincare regimen had to be complicated or abrasive to be effective. Now while you may believe me, would your man?  I swear guys love scrubs (my fiancé says grit) and need to feel like something’s working in order to believe it is. Have a man in your life who can benefit from knowing the basics?  Share this with him – my new piece for AskMen.com – How to Properly Wash Your Face (hint: it includes moisturizer).  The more you know…

Super Bowl XLVIII, Seahawks Scalped the Broncos

If I had a bucket list, going to the Super Bowl would have been on there.  Thanks to Head & Shoulders for Men, I’m now able to scratch that off.  Known for working with Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers, this year, the brand also teamed up with his teammate, Brett “Da Beard” Keisel to interview the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos before the game about how their hair will come into play on game day (hysterical video)… of course, this is when they all had hope.  Despite which team has better hair, the Broncos got scalped!  Anyway, the energy at Metlife Stadium looked something like this.

10 Swoon Worthy Jared Leto Gifs

Let’s talk about Jared Leto. #Fail.  No words!  Naturally, I planned on doing a post dedicated to his hair, but he is so much more than his mane.  Whether you’re into his Jesus-like locks or not, despise his man bun or are jealous of his perfect ombre, you’re still a fan. Why? Because who doesn’t want a piece of the multi-talented sex symbol?  And don’t forget, a rockstar.  Let’s swoon, together…