Beauty Products that Last on BetterTV

jeannine-morris-tv I’m sure you’ve been skeptical about beauty product claims like “lasts 72 hours,” so of course, I put them to the test and went on BetterTV to share my results.  Here are the lip, nail and hair products that really last.

Multitasking Beauty Buys on New York Live

Jeannine-morris Want to know what my favorite multitasking beauty products are? Sure you do!  These days, with our busy schedules, if a beauty product doesn’t have more than one use, it shouldn’t exist.  On Wednesday I had the pleasure of doing a segment showcasing some of my favorites on New York Live with Lilliana Vasquez.  Check out the segment!

Runway to Reality: Fall Beauty Trends on NBC

jeannine-morris When I go backstage during NY Fashion Week I’m always seeking out looks and trends that we can actually wear.  From retro blow outs and metallic smokey eyes to sophisticated burgundy manicures and diffused berry lips, I gave the scoop to New York Live’s Jacque Reid.  Check out the segment after the jump.

Makeover Series with SheKnows: The Reveal

jeannine-morris-makeover-host Working with Jessica for SheKnows was a blast. She was so genuinely grateful for her makeover and was eager to learn how to pull herself together. In the consultation video, Candace Cameron Bure and I had her try on a variety of different silhouettes and styles to see what looked best on her body type and what she felt most comfortable in. In the end, she owned her look and exuded confidence. Exactly what we wanted to see! Check out video to see her makeover reveal and my honest thoughts.