Bangs! A Scissor Happy Nightmare

I’ve been known to do spontaneous things, but my most recent act of spontaneity was definitely not my smartest.  Did you ever get in the position where you were in a rut with your look and needed a change?  Well, I found myself acting out on my boredom with a pair of scissors (hence the shot above).

I’ve had straight across bangs before, about two years ago when I launched and I hated them then. Why then, would I think they would be the answer to my prayers now?  Fashion forward?  Maybe for someone like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, but not for me.

I can accept them when I’m wearing my sunglasses.  As Joe says, “It’s like you’re completely hiding your face!”  Exactly. Otherwise, I’m living in total regret and am pinning them back when I go out and anxiously waiting for them to grow out so I can feel like myself again!

Have you ever made a bad beauty decision?

3 Responses to Bangs! A Scissor Happy Nightmare

  1. Ana Castano says:

    So maybe this can help. If you don’t like them for now just take Biotin vitamin pills for your hair to grow quicker. If you read the bottle it says you can take 1-5 a day. Up to you. When you see they have grown a bit take one of the corners and do a slanted bang so they can start directing off your forhead. Tell your stylist to do it if you don’t feel confident enough. BTW they look good on you! Good luck!

  2. I think you look beautiful! But I honestly did the same exact thing, I swear to you, about two months ago. (I can send you a pic on Facebook!) I felt like I needed a change and I went to this swanky modern salon, where I paid too much and ended up looking more modern/angular/not myself than I intended.

    You can actually buy single strand extensions and attach them on the underside of your bangs, then carefully pin them back underneath a big barrette.

    I think you look cute though!!!

  3. Katrina says:

    I did a similar thing back at the end of august. I HATED it and was full of regret, but as they grew a little, and I got more used to them, I kind of started to love them. . . maybe they’ll grow on you?

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